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20 Years Aniversary

Lee T. Todd, Jr.
                         University of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky has developed numerous educational partnerships with various community organizations over the years. But the relationship that has taken two decades to shape with the Central Kentucky Japanese School is one of the most treasured affiliations in the 141-year history of this institution.

For the past 20 years, UK has been proud to bring a little piece of Japan to students in the heart of the Bluegrass. Through collaborative programming, we have brought a wide-array of educational opportunities to Japanese students who call Central Kentucky home. From math and social studies to martial arts and cultural studies, the Central Kentucky Japanese School has enhanced the lives for countless students throughout our community.

The school has greatly benefited UK as well, allowing the university to create partnerships and connections to members of Central Kentucky’s Japanese community. I am proud of the relationships we have created over the years and look forward to enhancing those in the years to come.

The Central Kentucky Japanese School is truly a unique concept, with UK and state government collaborating with local corporations and area residents to provide a dynamic educational program unlike any other in the nation.

And it is just that type of nationally competitive program development and commitment to excellence that is at the heart of this university’s drive to become one of the nation’s Top 20 public research universities. The lessons we have learned in developing this school will assist UK as we look to engage in other educational programs throughout the Commonwealth in the years to come.

It is impossible to overstate how privileged I - and the entire university community - feel about being connected to the Central Kentucky Japanese School. The first 20 years of this relationship have been exceptional. I can’t wait to see what the next 20 will bring.