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20 Years Aniversary

Martha Layne Collins
                          Chair and CEO
                          Kentucky World Trade Center

Executive Scholar in Residence
                          Georgetown College

Former Governor of Kentucky

Congratulations, Japanese Saturday School on 20 years of existence in Lexington, Kentucky. The distinction of being the number one Japanese School in the world is indeed an honor that all who had the vision, determination and persistence can share.
One of the contributing factors to the phenomenal success of the Japanese Saturday School is the strong mutual partnership between the Japanese people and the Kentucky people. The trust and appreciation which has been developed over the last twenty years linking these two groups is outstanding.
Additional opportunities are provided by the school that gives the community a well-balanced environment. The festivals and clubs that have developed due to the presence of the Japanese Saturday School have enhanced the cultural conditions of the international landscape of Kentucky. These programs are remarkable and their presence in Kentucky is expanding opportunities for all people.
So many people can be recognized for their contributions to the growth and recognition of Japanese Saturday School. However, we should be most appreciative of the support of the Fayette County School superintendent, Stu Silberman and all those who helped secure classrooms in a permanent location.